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Strong Legal Defense

Beyond debt settlement companies & credit repair shops.
Why a Lawyer?
Although there are many companies offering debt settlement or credit repair help, or even some websites promising to show you how to do it yourself, there are clear advantages why you should always obtain a consumer / debt defense attorney to repair your credit or settle your debt.
Why choose a consumer/debt defense attorney over a debt settlement company or a credit repair shop?

A debt defense attorney knows how to fight a lawsuit, and will get the lawsuit dismissed if it is without merit or not supported by sufficient evidence.

A lawyer who has years of experience in debt and credit reports can spot errors that others might miss or think are not errors at all.
A letter from a law firm specializing in credit repair carries a lot more respect than a letter from a regular company or an individual due to the immediate threat of a lawsuit by that law firm if there was in fact an error on the credit report.
A debt defense attorney can review a judgment on your credit report and move to vacate the judgment if it was obtained improperly.
A debt defense attorney may even be able to get a lender or debt buyer to waive the debt or make them pay you.
Once a lender or debt buyer receives notice that you are represented by a consumer attorney, they know that all their actions will be scrutinized by the attorney for harassment or errors.
A debt defense attorney can demand a better settlement offer then a debt settlement company due to the threat that it can fight the lawsuit and win.
If you settle your debt, a debt defense attorney will ensure that the settlement agreement does not contain any unfair terms or clauses such as waiving certain defenses.
The advantages of having a defense attorney handle your debt and credit challenges are clear.
Think you can’t afford an attorney?
Fees and payments are structured to be within your reach.

  • We usually charge flat fees –  no matter how many hours your case needs.
  • We offer payment plans to fit within your budget.
  • We accept credit cards for your convenience.

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