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Medical Debt Collection Defense

Get help with medical debt problems.

Medical Debt Collection Defense

Is medical debt causing you stress and anxiety?

Medical bills are part of life, and include everything from hospitals, dentists, birthing centers, old age homes, rehabilitation facilities and more. Although medical service providers used to be more hesitant to sue on their medical, due to the booming debt buying business most credit card debt is quickly purchased by massive debt-buying companies which leaves limited options for the smaller debt buying companies. These companies have now started turning to medical debt, buying it for pennies on the dollar and suing in hopes of collecting.

Get help with medical debt defense.

However, medical debt can be complex, as it often involves insurance billing or the reasonable cost of the services provided. There are also various other defenses to medical debt, depending on the nature of the services provided to you. If you have been sued on a medical bill or placed in collections on behalf of medical debt, contact our office to learn about the available defenses that you may have in order to avoid a lawsuit or potential judgment.

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