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Foreclosure Defense Attorney

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Foreclosure Defense

Need help defending against foreclosure?

Defending against property foreclosure.

If your home is being threatened with foreclosure, call the Law Offices of Joseph I Harrison to find out if you have a viable foreclosure defense or are able to renegotiate your loan to keep your home. Alternatively, we can help you short-sale your home or challenge the foreclosure lawsuit and ensure that they have all the appropriate documentation required to foreclose on your home, keeping you in your home as long as possible. We will also help you avoid the lender seeking a deficiency judgment against you (for the difference between what you owe on the home and the amount the property sells for at short-sale) and avoid the long-term consequences of a foreclosure on your credit report.

There has been substantial news coverage of cases in which judges threw out foreclosure cases due to inadequate documentation or fraud. During the booming house market, the documentation and standard procedures of recording mortgages were faulty or even fraudulent by many of large and small mortgage lenders alike. Foreclosure lawsuits have exposed the highly unethical practices of the mortgage industry including employees’ robo-signing documents they have not read or even using false signatures. Mortgage documents have also been lost or incorrectly dated.

Get help with foreclosure defense.

Fighting fraud, coordinating a short sale, or renegotiating your loan.

As courts are so overwhelmed, judges do not have the time to search through large amounts of documentation involved in mortgages and the transferring and selling of mortgages from one bank to another. You need the experience of a knowledgeable attorney to review your case, know what to look for and how to obtain those documents, and how to present evidence of the lender’s fraud or errors to the court so that the judge is aware of them. You cannot rely on a judge to find these things out for you and defend your case – the judge is a neutral party who makes his/her decision based on the evidence presented.

There are also other defenses to a foreclosure, such as violations of the Truth in Lending Act and other violations based on the circumstances of your case. We can also help you renegotiate your loan to keep your home, help you short sale your home, help you avoid a deficiency judgment or help ensure the foreclosure does not scar your credit report. We can also help you file a bankruptcy if needed. Whichever option you choose, our firm will aggressively fight to protect your rights.