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Debt Settlement

Get the advantage of a law office with debt settlement.

Debt Settlement
Could a lawyer get you a better debt settlement deal?

Instead of fighting your debt, some people just want to settle their debt for a reasonable amount with easy monthly payments or for a lump sum settlement. This usually occurs when your job requires you to settle outstanding debt, you are attempting to make a large purchase and need to clear debt fast or you agree you owe the full debt and don’t want to risk fighting it in court.

Although many people settle their own debt without an attorney’s help, they usually end up paying a lot more than the settlement you would get with an established debt settlement attorney.

The collection agent on the phone may tell you that their guidelines only allow 30% or 50% off and they can’t go any lower, but the creditor’s upper management frequently goes much lower when a known debt collection attorney takes your case. Sometimes the creditor will even agree to forgive the debt outright as it’s not worth the headache, or they may have a debt forgiveness programs and you may qualify for their hardship program which will excuse the debt. However, most companies and banks don’t advertise these programs, making it very difficult for the average person to find.

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You should also retain a debt settlement attorney as the settlement itself is a legal document and can get complicated. The settlement agreement will often include legal clauses which may result in you giving up certain legal rights, including having an automatic judgment if you stop making payments, or it may be very simple and not protect you in all circumstances. Other companies don’t send you a confirmation letter of the agreement, which makes it impossible to prove at a later time when they still attempt to settle the debt. The standard settlement agreement usually does not address whether they will send you a tax form stating that the amount they forgave is unearned income, and now you must pay taxes to the IRS on that additional income. This additional income can have serious consequences if you receive income-based social services.

At the law offices of Joseph Harrison Esq., we do whatever it takes to protect our clients from collection actions and help them through the process of debt settlement. We negotiate with creditors to reduce the amount of your debt and ensure that the payments are within your financial ability. We also ensure that the settlement agreement does not contain any terms that may be harmful to you in the future.