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Debt buying is a massive industry. Some of the debt buyers are so huge that they are publicly traded companies on the stock market. Portfolio Recovery Associates, Midland Funding, LVNV Funding, CACH, CACV and Jefferson Capital Systems are some of the major debt buying companies that buy hundreds of millions in bad debt for pennies on the dollar. These companies then file lawsuits against you demanding that you pay back the full balance on the account (although they may offer you a slight discount). being sued by a debt buyer

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However, if your account was purchased by a debt buyer, it makes it easier for you to fight a debt. There are certain additional defenses available for you to use to defend your lawsuit only on accounts that were purchased by a debt buyer. In addition to proving the debt, they have to prove that they purchased the account, gave you notice of their purchasing your account, and have the appropriate supporting documentation. There are also legal requirements that they must meet prior to testifying about your account. Debt buyers are usually not provided with your complete file, but only get certain documentation on your account. An experienced debt defense attorney can help you exploit their incomplete file to make them dismiss the lawsuit or win the case outright! If you have been sued by a debt buyer, contact the Law Offices of Joseph I Harrison at 347-770-0072 to speak with an experienced credit repair & debt defense attorney within the hour. We also offer a free case evaluation with an online form on our website, so you can tell us about your personal situation and receive a call back from a staff attorney. We have extensive experience with consumer law and are dedicated to resolving our clients’ financial problems with cost-effective and friendly service. Our legal team can protect you from debt collection harassment and defend a pending lawsuit or garnishment, in addition to repairing your credit. Contact us today for the help you need. Don’t think you can afford an attorney?
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