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National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is a company that buys private student loans from the original bank that issued your loan. Although there are many student loan aid programs for federal student loans, private student loans do not have the same program. Instead, National Collegiate demands high monthly payments that are often unfordable. There are other debt buying company that purchase student loans, and National Collegiate is one of the larger student loan debt buyers.  


Yes. Although student loans are typically not dischargeable in bankruptcy, you can fight the case. National Collegiate often has problems proving it has the correct legal standing, as the loan goes through a series of sales from the original bank to National Collegiate. There may also be problems with notice of the assignment, as well as documentation or statute of limitations issues.


Yes. However, in order to get a substantially better payment plan, you need to find a hole or legal flaw in their case. The best discounts are typically agreed to only after one hires a debt defense attorney that knows how to fight student loan debt and is aggressive in fighting the case in court. Once they student loan company realizes that they are facing competent opposition, they tend to agree to much lower repayment plans, even wiping away a portion of your debt and putting you on a long term plan. If you are in default or have been sued on your National Collegiate Student Loan account, or any other student loan account, contact the Law Offices of Joseph I Harrison at 347-770-0072 to speak with an experienced credit repair & debt defense attorney within the hour. We also offer a free case evaluation with an online form on our website, so you can tell us about your personal situation and receive a call back from a staff attorney. We have extensive experience with consumer law and are dedicated to resolving our clients’ financial problems with cost-effective and friendly service. Our legal team can protect you from debt collection harassment and defend a pending lawsuit or garnishment, in addition to repairing your credit. Contact us today for the help you need.

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